Neck – Sanmax Cervical Collar Super Soft


  • Rigid or Semi-Rigid Material: Made from rigid or semi-rigid materials such as foam, plastic, or stiff fabric to provide support and immobilization.
  • Adjustability:  Adjustable to ensure a proper and comfortable fit for the wearer. They have multiple straps or fasteners for customization.
  • Padding: The inner lining of the collar contains padding to enhance comfort and prevent skin irritation or pressure sores with prolonged use.
  • Ventilation: Designed with openings or perforations to improve air circulation and reduce heat and moisture buildup around the neck.
  • Chin Support: Sanmax collars include a chin support component to maintain proper alignment of the chin with the neck, reducing movement and stabilizing the cervical spine.
  • Height Options: Collars are available in different heights to accommodate various medical conditions and patient needs.

Product Details

Sanmax Cervical Collar is a medical device designed to immobilize and support the neck and cervical spine. It is used in cases of neck injuries, fractures, whiplash, or post-surgery. It wraps around the neck, extending from the chin to the upper chest.

Duration of Use

The duration of cervical collar use varies based on the patient's condition. It may be short-term post-injury or surgery or required for a more extended period during the healing process.

Medical Supervision

Cervical collars should always be prescribed and supervised by healthcare professionals to prevent complications and promote effective treatment.